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Connect your Cloud platforms

Securely connect your accounts that you would like to get insights of. We support Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote.

Let us do the magic

Our smart technology identifies key trends and patterns across your documents for you.

Gain actionable insights

Explore the findings through our interactive visualizations to make better informed decisions.

We help you spend less time searching,
and more time doing

With Mohiomap, you'll organize your shared documents, create comprehensive team reports, and analyze your collaborator’s activities. Allowing you to uncover hidden connections to improve your workflow.

What's in it for you

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Business Owners

Make the best decisions with the right information at your fingertips

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Organize and share information with your clients seamlessly

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Instantly see your Teams performance so you know where to focus next

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Improve your workflows with your Team by working from the same map

Connect your content

Securely connect your Evernote, Dopbox, Google Drive or Box accounts and add your Team Members

Ask a question

Whether you're looking for a specific file or are looking for a way to make best use of your Team skills, we've got you covered

Visualize the answer

Instantly uncover insights to help you make your decisions faster and take action instantly; directly within Mohiomap

Share you knowledge

Share your maps with the Team to ensure that everyone is working from the same picture with the same information

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Ensure you’ve shared the right file with the right team member in a clearer way.

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Keep on top of your research by uncovering connections you may have missed

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Manage your team’s documents, ensuring you’re working on the right thing at the right time

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Share key contacts, connecting your team in a more efficient way than ever before

Everything you need for your Team to grow

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Quickly pinpoint and visualize your busiest day so you know where to start with organizing

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Instantly access your most recently edited documents from all your connected platforms

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Organize your content your way, by dragging and dropping it to where you want it to be.

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Make high-priority folders stand out by customizing their colors

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Publish your Maps to make sure the Team and collaborators are working from the same page

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Streamline your communication by adding comments and tags to notes, files or folders

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Move from seeing a top-level overview of peaks and troughs to specific details instantly

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Find exactly what you need to guide you to make the best decisions you can, no matter what it is

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Narrow in on key information by filtering your Map, tailoring it specifically for what you need to know.

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group of team

Bring everyone and everything together

We help you to discover connections between your content through powerful visualizations, giving you the information you need to make more informed decisions.

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Priced to grow as you do

We understand, team productivity and organization is a key aspect to your business.

Our pricing is set so we can keep advancing our technology to bring you the best product it can be.

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We're serious about security

We're serious about keeping your content secure

We use best practices recommended by your connected platforms guidelines to ensure that your content is safe, along with this your personal information is fully encrypted. Our Privacy Policy...